Driving directions

We are located 20 minutes South of Särna, 40 minutes North of Sälen on road 311 in a small community called Husvallgölen. From the road you will see a sign: “Nordic Footprints”. The nearest airports are Sveg and Mora which is both located within 1, 5 hours car ride. We can help you arrange train & bus tickets, domestic flights and flights to Estonia and arrange transfer from airports and bus stations.

You can travel straight to Särna by car or by train/bus. Or you can fly with NextJet to Sveg or Mora from where we can arrange transfer (approx 2 hours).

Here you can find us on Google Maps.
Distances from Särna:
Särna-Göteborg 534 km
Särna-Stockholm 434 km
Särna-Malmö 769 km
Särna-Falun 205 km
Särna-Gävle 295 km

Recommended route when driving from continental Europe

- Enter Sweden by ferry to Helsingborg or Gothenburg or take the bridge to Malmö Follow the E6 towards Gothenburg
- In Gothenburg take road 45 towards Karlstad
- When getting nearer to Karlstad, don’t drive in to Karlstad but continue to follow the road 45 towards Malung
- Once in Malung, follow the road 71 towards Sälen
- When you get to Sälen, follow the road 311 towards Särna
- After approximately 40 kilometers from Sälen you will arrive to Husvallgölen where we have our base. You will also see a sign on the right side; “Nordic Footprints”.

Recommended route when driving from Stockholm

- Drive north from Stockholm on the E4 towards Gävle/Sundsvall
- At Gävle, take road E16 towards Falun, and in Falun continue towards Rättvik.
- In Rättvik continue north on road 70 towards Mora and Älvdalen
- Continue past Älvdalen towards Särna for about 40 minutes.
- Turn towards Sörsjön where you turn right on road 311 towards Särna.
- After about 15 minutes you will arrive at Husvallgölen where you will see our sign.

If you need assistance in finding your way here, please call us at +46 703 74 90 74

GPS coordinates:
Lat: N 61º 29' 31.73"
Long: E 13º 5' 20.88"

X= 6822723
Y= 1354974