Trophy hunt with dog

A quiet, exciting form of hunting for capercaillie and black grouse.
This is especially for the hunter who wishes to hunt for a great trophy During this time of the year the birds have developed a fully grown coat of feathers, and they are truly magnificent, perfect for the taxidermist. 
The dog searches far away from the hunters and when the dog locates a bird on the ground it runs towards it. The bird then takes protection in a nearby tree where the dog finds the bird and starts barking; up to 140 times per minute. While the dog barks and assures the birds’ full attention, the hunter can move carefully closer for the perfect shot. Depending on the distance we use both shotgun and rifle with caliber 222 Rem-6,5x55. Normal shooting distance is between 50-100 meters.
If the snow has fallen we will leave the dog at home and take the skis instead.
Season: 1 Oktober - 30 November

The price includes:

1 capercallie male and 1 black grouse male per hunter
Local hunting guide (English speaking), max 2 guests per guide
Accommodation at Orsa Hornberga Gård
Full board with 3 meals per day and soft drinks
Arrival day before the hunt and departure day after the hunt
Rental of hunting weapon
Winter camouflage if needed
Skiing equipment if needed (excl. boots)
Hunting fees & hunting insurance
Transport on hunting ground
Hunting dog
Free shooting for fox, mountain hare and pine marten.
Certificate that the birds were legally hunted in Sweden.

The price does not include:

Transport to/from Sweden
Transfer from airport or train station
Clothing and other personal equipment
Documentation and fees for import of own weapon

Prices, 5 hunting days and 6 nights

1 hunter
2-4 hunters
3 195 Euro
1 995 Euro per person